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Why you Absolutely NEED a Toe Ring

Sometimes I feel a little sad for Toe Rings

It's because toe rings are often forgotten. Yes, earrings might have a bit more pizzaz and necklaces are right there at eye level, but the toe ring should NEVER be forgotten. In fact, they should be embraced! Here's why...

They are easy to size

In most cases, one size fits all. Just open up the toe ring slightly, slide it over the toe and then gently crimp.

They are relatively inexpensive

Toe rings can start as low as $29.

They really make your feet look great

Let's face it. If you are like me, you spend a LOT of time dealing with your feet. If you are not letting a pro deal with it (manicures) then you are trimming, filing and painting those toes all the time. Why not show them off with a little bling!

They brighten your mood

If you are wearing a toe ring, it usually means you are wearing flip flops (or some sort of open-toe shoes). If you are wearing flip flops, then it's warm. If it's warm, you either live somewhere warm, it is summertime OR you are on vacation. No matter which, A Toe Ring = Happy!

So, go ahead and choose a toe ring that fits your mood. You are bound to look great and feel great too.

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