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Hmm, What are the Top 5 Gifts for Women?

We know you’re dying to know! Our poll this year led to some interesting results. Here's the top 5 gifts to give women (and why we either agree or disagree with the results).

Pick 5 – Clothing

Well, this is not a bad choice if you are absolutely SURE about her size. If not, this is a losing situation. If you buy something too big, It will never get worn. If you buy something too small, it will still never get worn!

Pick 4 – Cards

Unless you are an award-winning poet, this choice looks cheap. Even if you ARE an award-winning poet, the chances are you will still look cheap!

Pick 3 – Candy

Not a completely bad choice since it WILL probably get used. If she is trying to eat healthy (and who is NOT trying to do that), your girlfriend will ultimately not be happy.

Pick 2 – Flowers

Yes, they are pretty. Yes, they smell good. Yes, they die after 3 days. That is all we have to say.

Pick 1 – Jewelry

Did you guess it? There is very little wondering why: picking the size is easy, you won’t look cheap, it’s meaningful, she can accent her figure and she will remember your gift forever!

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