10% off orders $299+, plus all orders ship free! (code: Cheer)

10% off orders $299+, plus all orders ship free! (code: Cheer)

FAQ - Wedding Band Profiles


Choosing a wedding band can be a lifelong decision. Below, we show the parts of a wedding band and also various design elements so that you can make your wedding band selection a perfect one.

The parts of a band include the inside, outside, the height (or thickness) and the shank profile. 

The shank profile can be broken down between outside designs and inside designs or profiles. Outside shank designs can include flat, half round, knife-edge and half round edge. Inside shank profiles usually include light comfort fit, comfort-fit, heavy comfort-fit and scooped.

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Wedding band and wedding ring inside and outside profiles. These include flat bands, half-round bands, knife edge bands, half-round edges, light comfort fit bands, comfort fit bands, heavy comfort fit bands and scooped bands.
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