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FAQ - Types of Chains

Chain Types

We are often asked about the differences in the chains we carry. Below are some images of our most popular chain links. To shop all the chains by The Black Bow Jewelry Company, click Shop All Chains

Anchor Link Chains

Chains - Anchor or Mariner Chain Link

Anchor or Mariner chains feature repeating oval links with a vertical bar in the middle of each link, which are arranged alternatively in a horizontal and then vertical orientation. The anchor link is a trusted, strong way to feature pendants, yet is also often worn on its own. Click here to Shop Anchor Link Chains

Bead or Ball Link Chains

Chains - Bead and Ball Link

Bead or ball chains are composed of spheres or balls rather than open links. They can be solid or hollow (to reduce weight) and can be fixed at regular intervals with connector bars, placed immediately adjacent to each other along the length of the chain or used as accents on all different types of link style chains. Click here to Shop Bead and Ball Link Chains

Box Link Chains

Chains - Box Link

Box link chains are known for their strength and reliability as well as for their geometric style. This simple classic design is less likely to kink and is made with wire that is rolled flat then folded into square uniform links that form open boxes or cubes. They are then interlocked in a straight line Click here to Shop Box Link Chains

Byzantine Link Chains

Chains - Byzantine Link

A Byzantine design features an intricate, closely link sequential chain where paired links are joined vertically and horizontally giving it a detailed rope like appearance. This elegant ornate design has ancient origins dating back to the 5th century. Click here to Shop Byzantine Chains

Cable Link Chains

Chains - Cable Link

Cable link chains are the most common type of jewelry chain. It is made using individual oval or round links interlocked in a uniform pattern, with each link lying at ninety degrees to the next. It is identical throughout, giving it a simple but classic look and a great way to feature a pendant. Click here to Shop Cable Chains

Cord Chains

Chain Types - Cord Style Chain 

Leather or rubber cord chains come in a variety of styles ranging from smooth to textured or braided. The contrasting color and texture when added to your favorite pendant creates a bold, eye-catching design. Click here to Shop Cord Chains

Curb Link Chains

Chains - Curb Link Style Chain Image

Ageless and classic, a Curb or Cuban chain is one of the most durable single link styles. It is a variation on a cable chain with uniformly sized round or oval links that have been twisted to lie flat along a surface. This is one of the chain styles you will regularly see worn by professional athletes. Click here to Shop Curb and Cuban Chains

Figaro Link Chains

Chains - Figaro Chain Link Image

Figaro chains are similar to curb chains, in that they are flattened twisted links, but they do not have one uniform link size or shape. Typically, is has an attractive reoccurring three and one pattern design. Click here to Shop Figaro Chains

Foxtail Link Chains

Chains - Foxtail Chain Link Image

Foxtail chains feature a loop mesh chain design made up of two rows of slanted oval links connected at a 45 degree angle that creates a braided or woven effect. This effect, with a directional grain and a fullness, gives it an appearance of the hairs on a fox’s tail. Click here to Shop Foxtail Chains

Franco Link Chains

Franco Chains by The Black Bow Jewelry Company

Franco chains are similar to spiga-wheat chains and feature interwoven uniform V-shaped links tightly joined together that are sturdy enough for heavy pendants. The V-shaped links can vary from a typical square to a round or flat profile with numerous patterns. Click here to Shop Franco Chains

Herringbone Link Chains

Chains - Herringbone Chain Link Image

Herringbone chains offer timeless appeal with their flat silky-smooth style. It is crafted with with multiple rows of flattened V-shaped links. The direction of the links alternate with each row creating the herringbone pattern. Click here to Shop Herringbone Chains

Mesh Link Chains

Chains - Mesh LInk Chain Image

Sleek and elegant, intricate mesh chains have a fabric like quality with fine wire used to weave a round tubular or flat profile design with a variety of patterns. Its texture and stand out style has a captivating effect. Click here to Shop Mesh Link Chains

Omega Link Chains

Chains - Omega or Cubetto Chain Link Image

Omega or Cubetto chains are distinguished from other chains by the small individual metal plates that are aligned next to each other and crimped around a mesh infrastructure. Traditional styling is flat in profile with variations in rounded, graduated, and reversible styles. Click here to Shop Omega Chains

Rolo Link Chains

Chains - Rolo and Belcher Chain Link Image

Rolo or Belcher chains feature round or oval links interlocked in a uniform pattern that are typically wider and/or thicker in girth than a cable chain and usually flat on the inside. Click here to Shop Rolo and Belcher Chains

Rope Chains

Chains - Rope Link Chain Image

Rope chains have the appearance of two or more twisted strands of chain spiraled together and are created by weaving rows of small links together. This timeless classic link is highly reflective and very versatile; jazzes up pendants, looks great solo and layered with multiple chains. A classic rope features flattened wire links woven into the next link without the benefit of solder. A loose rope chain features small welded links twisted to resemble a classic rope and is extremely strong due to the additional connectivity between chain links. Click here to Shop Rope Chains

San Marco Chains

Chains - San Marco Link Chain Image

San Marco Chains are made up of hollow long and rounded links that are typically flat on the back and arranged next to each other at a diagonal angle. This stunning domed style commands attention! Click here to Shop San Marco Chains

Serpentine Chains

Chains - Serpentine Link Chain Image

Serpentine chains are composed of hammered ‘s’ shaped links that are laid next to each other with identical links laid in parallel below the first and then connected. They are often twisted to catch and reflect light from every angle. Click here to Shop Serpentine Chains

Singapore Link Chains

Chain - Singapore Link Chain Image

Singapore chains feature flat, thin, diamond-cut links interwoven to form a diamond shape. These diamond shaped links are then twisted and flattened to form the chain. This twisted chain reflects light from all different angles making it sparkle. Click here to Shop Singapore Chains

Snake Link Chains

Chains - Snake Link Chain Image

Snake chains are made up of round metal plates or bands with a slight curve tightly joined together forming a continuous tube that is flexible. The closed weave has a slight zig zag effect resembling snake skin and the smooth profile makes an elegant choice for displaying a favorite pendant. Click here to Shop Snake Chains

Spiga and Wheat Link Chains

Chains - Spiga and Wheat Chain Link Image

Spiga or Wheat Chains are made with small figure-eight shaped links that all point in the same direction forming a 3-D chain that exhibits a v-pattern on the side. While this style is not as flexible or liquid-like as some other styles, it will complement your favorite pendant to perfection. Click here to Shop Spiga and Wheat Chains

Chain Length Guide

Not sure what length to purchase? Use the chain length guide below to choose the perfect size.


Chain Width Guide

The thickness of a chain can be hard to determine online. Use the relative width guide below to find the comparisons between common chain widths. It is important though to use the millimeter scale on a ruler to determine the actual thickness.

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